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They are Lying


exhibition project

This participatory exhibition project explores differences in historical perspectives among countries in East Asia (China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan), particularly the debate surrounding the history of World War II. All sections are constructed from sources written not in one language but languages from different countries, displayed in parallel.


Example of the sections

- Comments on the history by each head of state in East Asia
- Interviews with the participants from various countries about the project theme
- Reading of influential stories regarding the culture of remembrance in different perspective
- Photos of the places associated with the war and their descriptions from sources in various languages
- Timelines from Chinese, Japanese and Korean history textbooks

Historical perspectives are developed through the sharing of people’s experiences and information and the exchange of ideas.

However, these activities are limited by their languages, networks and information infrastructures. Therefore, they develop independently in each linguistic area and nation state, and differences can be observed between them.

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